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670+ Students Served by jUChicago This YearPosted 2014-06-17 by admin

In our second year on campus, we've made it a priority to gather as much data about the students who engage with jU-supported programs as possible. While numbers aren't the only thing that matters, we were blown away to tally them up at the end of...

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150+ Students Attend jUbilee: A Learning Festival for ShavuotPosted 2014-06-06 by admin

jUbilee is our cultural and intellectual celebration of Jewish life, inspired by the Shavuot traditions of all-night learning and dairy consumption. It also functions as a space where the small communities our student interns have been building...

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jU Interns Map Their NetworksPosted 2014-06-02 by admin

This year the jU interns have engaged hundreds of their peers in small-scale, informal, home-based Jewish experiences. For their last intern meeting of the year, they mapped out their peer networks in order to see how how their communities...

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Students enjoy Lag B'Omer bonfire at the PointPosted 2014-05-26 by admin

Intern Ari organized a casual bonfire on a chilly night (thanks, Chicago), complete with snacks and a discussion about the holiday of Lag B'Omer.

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It's time for jUbilee!Posted 2014-05-08 by admin

Join us for the second annual jUbilee! Shavuot is a holiday usually celebrated with all-night learning bonanzas, the eating of dairy products and springtime harvest foods--best holiday ever, right? Enjoy short, snappy, uncommon lectures from...

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